Tiny Experiment #4

For this experiment i tore up pieces of embossed wall paper and glued pieces to a piece of canvas paper. Next i added crackle paste with a pallet knife. Once dried i painted the whole piece black. Next i used a dry brush to apply color to the piece. When the brush has very little paint on it the paint only holds to the top surface while the cracks and texture stay black. This really helps to create heavy shadow and texture. 

I make what i cannot find

Once again i am making something from necessity. I wanted a leather book to keep my paintings in (since i work on paper). I could not find one that was the size i need and also with black pages so i taught myuself to make one. You Tube is one of the marvels of the world!

When you don't live in Africa

What do you do when you need pictures of animals to use for your art but do not live in Africa but in NYC? You go to the Natural History Museum of course and take pictures of dead ones.... at least they hold still

The things i do

Once again i am making something i need that does not exist in the world. I really needed a way to organize all my paints but could not find an organizer of the correct size and dimensions. So what do i do? i make one of course. What a pain that was but i am very happy to have it 

Tiny Experiment #3

I am trying to add more color to my paintings. I noticed that i keep just using the same 4 colors over and over again straight from the tube. To begin to work on this problem i did some research online and chose paintings that used color combinations i liked. Many of the paintings used colors i would normally never have picked up but i felt they worked very well together as a whole. I used these paintings as a guide and attempted to mix the same colors the original artist used. I kept track of the color recipes i used to achieve the correct shades. In the future i plan to use these color guides to create some of my own paintings. 

Tiny Experiments 2

For my Tiny Experiment this morning I tried paint washes with rubbing alcohol. I tried this two ways. I watched a demo that used watered down acrylic paint but it did not seem to work very well. I switched to water color and got better results. How this technique atcually works is you paint a wash of color onto the paper then drip alcohol over it while the paint is still wet. The alcohol reacts with the paint and creates a spot where the paint does not stick. The best effect is achieved if you do multiple this multiple times allowing the washes to dry in between. This is a very picky technique. If you add too much or too little water it does not work. It also does not work if you no not allow the washes to dry completely between colors. I also noticed that it woks better if each wash is a very different color from the prvious one.

An Evening of Awe

I was very fortunate to attend the art opening of Deborah Butterfield. This was one of those times that i was just completely floored by wonder. These sculptures are phenomenal. See them in photographs does not do them justice. They have such life and presence. They are larger than life size and so life like i expected them to begin walking at any moment. The way they are created is equally inspiring. They look to be made of driftwood. The effect is so perfect you cannot even tell that they are not wood from 2 inches away. The artist first collects real driftwood and creates the sculpture. She then numbers all the pieces of wood, dissembles the pieces and casts them in bronze. The pieces are them re-assembled, welded together and painted to look like wood again. 

NYC Art Expo

This was a lot of fun. I have never been to an event this big in my life. It was a little overwhelming by the end but still amazing with over 400 artists! So much talent in one place!

Gallery Days

Had a great time at the Upper West Side Gallery Walk. I love gallery walks and open studio events. They always help to inspire me and send me rushing home to create!


Overhead Transparency Transfer

This was my first time attempting an image transfer using and overhead transparency. The image below was taken before gluing the image down with gel. Unfortunately, it did not work. i will be trying again. I really like the look of the tree but it did not come out in the final piece  

Inspiration Anywhere

I am always looking for inspiration. This was on the wall on a subway platform. I just love the colors and textures and distressed layers upon layers 


This piece did not last to complettion but at least I took a picture before ruining it 

Tiny Experiments

In my quest to improve my work and try new techniques I have started to put together a technique work book of little painting (under 4"x 6"). These little pieces work well as warm ups and also help to fend off the fear of making a mistake. When working on a full piece that is going well I often get too scared to try something new. I am redicovereing my freedom in these Tiny Experiments